These Are Some Can’t Miss Restaurants In The Heart Of Atlanta GA

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Atlanta is a conglomeration of many different cultures and things to do. You can bet that means quite a few things, including plenty of great restaurants. If you want to see what’s out there on your own, great, but maybe you would like a few good hints first. After all, there are only about 3300 restaurants in the city of Atlanta. There are more than you can possibly venture out to in months, even years, so allow me to be your guide for just a moment.

Canoe is on Faces Perry Road, and it is one of Atlanta’s top restaurants. According to the menu highlights, you are looking at enjoying foods like salmon, steak and delicious sundaes. I’m not sure I would be up for the rabbit that makes the menu, but I warned you about Atlanta, in a good way. The culture there is eclectic, and don’t worry, no one from The Walking Dead brought the rabbit over from the kettle.

Now for the next establishment, Fox Bros. BBQ. It already has me wondering if I’ll see hints of Texas in the menu highlights or be starting at rabbit again. Located on DeKalb Ave NE, wings and brisket are two items I noticed at a quick glance. Brunswick Stew, which I have heard of, is also on the menu, and I can’t help but think of you know what at this point.

On to the third establishment, and it has quite the intriguing name, Red Phone Booth. It is located on Andrew Young International Boulevard NE, and it is supposed to be a great pizza place. Are you a cigar person? There is a cigar bar I’m the restaurant. I told you, they can’t do anything normal in Atlanta. You will find that out.

If you are looking for pizza without the cigar smoke, I don’t blame you. Head on over to Antico Pizza Napoletana, located on Hemphill Avenue NW. They serve up gelato there, too, and yes, their pizza is certainly individual to the restaurant. You will see what I mean. Venture on over there for a delicious pizza pie.

Last on this short list of Atlanta restaurants is Poor Calvin’s. It is located on Piedmont Ave NE. I’m not going to even begin to describe the eclectic menu, a perfect representation of what Atlanta has to offer. Enjoy all of those new experiences in Hot-Lanta!

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